Can you complete the Bare Grills Challenge & get your meal for free?

NEWS 05/04/2022

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Recently Dan Moore and Michelle Dalley visited Bare Grills, one of our customers in the South West. Bare Grills is a group of three smokehouse restaurants with a loyal following and meat at the heart of their menu.

While we were there we got the chance to sample some of our products, with the Bare Grills finish and it's fair to say it was worth the drive! The chefs are so incredibly passionate about what they do, and it's essential the meat reaches their specifications. It's always so good to see how the meat we supply is prepared for the menus.

Bare Grills is known for it’s Bare Grills Food Challenge, where diners compete to win their meal for free. To do this they must eat ALL of this dish within 60 minutes! So far, since launch, only one person has completed the challenge. Will you be the next? If you can’t eat it all you’ll pay £45 for the food, and you can request a doggy bag!

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If you're down in the South West, look them up. We guarantee you won't be disappointed, we certainly weren't!