Proud winner of the Catering Butcher of the Year 2023 Award.

NEWS 29/09/2023

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Fairfax Meadow has proudly received the Meat Management Catering Butcher of the Year Award for 2023. This prestigious award recognises the company's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. Fairfax Meadow has been a leading supplier of quality meat products to the foodservice industry for almost 50 years. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Fairfax Meadow team, who are passionate about delivering the best possible products and service.
Penny Tomlinson, Managing Director of Fairfax Meadow, said, "It was a brilliant night and an excellent opportunity to network and celebrate with industry colleagues and partners.
Thank you to the team who represented Fairfax Meadow and collected the award on behalf of us all. Our thanks go to every team member for playing their part in contributing to the reputation and success of Fairfax Meadow.
We're also incredibly grateful to our customers, suppliers and colleagues across Hilton Foods for their support in helping Fairfax Meadow achieve this award."
As we head toward our 50th year of putting great meat on menus across the UK, we are proud to receive this recognition from industry peers.
Catering Butcher of the Year 2023 Award