Ending the silence of the lamb

NEWS 26/09/2018

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It’s no secret that Lamb is falling off foodservice menus…fast! Unfavourable market conditions and the impact of Brexit has made it difficult to utilise Lamb effectively to maximise GP. It’s a shame as the quality of English lamb coming through at the minute, particularly from the West Country, is crying out to be showcased. We’re making a stand to try and get Lamb back on the menu by demonstrating its versatility, flavour and ability to command a premium. We had the perfect opportunity when the Principal & De Vere Chef Academy rolled into Derby for an enrichment day. We decided to make lamb the focus of the day!

We took the team for a quick tour of FM HQ before they were entertained with a full carcase breakdown of a whole lamb, where the Chefs got to see first-hand the many cuts that you could get from a lamb.

They stopped off in the kitchen for a quick cooking demonstration before they were treated to an on-trend Lamb-y lunch using Dorset Crown West Country PGI Lamb. The dishes on offer included Charcoal-seasoned Lamb Cutlets with Coconut Yoghurt and Pomegranate & Cous-Cous Salad; Lamb Loin Eye in Brick Pastry with Sriracha Mayo; and Balsamic Lamb Skewers with Chargrilled Baby Gem, Hummus & Mint.

We sent them on their way, but not before Paul’s famous ‘Where Does My Meat Come From’ presentation to bring the day to a close.

We love doing these enrichment days, and we love it when we get great feedback too, as we did when Bruce McDowell, Group Development Chef for De Vere sent us this lovely note of thanks…

“Just a quick note to say a massive THANK YOU! For yesterday’s PHCo chef academy supplier visit,  

as you are aware I have been running academies for various groups for 15 years and the passion, skill & commitment to your trade was outstanding. The lamb lunch was truly outstanding, to chef – much appreciated. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team for a superb day.”

If you’re interested in an enrichment day for your brigade give your account manager a nudge and we’ll endeavour to help. Perhaps you just want some inspiration of your own? We can help with that too! Drop us an email to askchef@fairfaxmeadow.co.uk and together, let’s get lamb back on the menu …