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The focus on Health has undeniably been one of the biggest food trends of recent years; however the notion of ‘what is healthy’ and how foodservice is approaching it is very much something that needs to be kept on top of if your concept is going to succeed. Around 2/3 of people follow some sort of diet, although around 75% of them take a more common-sense approach rather than following a strict regime. This allows the person to be in control of their aims whether that’s to lose weight, reduce fatigue or generally just increase their lifespan – we call this ‘Tailored Health’. Some are choosing to cut out meat altogether, which, if not properly balanced can actually have a negative effect, some are just reducing meat intake, choosing to ‘eat less, but better meat’. Most are just managing the balance, exploring leaner cuts where possible, and choosing to indulge a bit more for that ‘special occasion’ – it’s all about variety, you need to mix it up to keep things interesting. The likelihood is that this will continue to be the main thread and the concept that offers both is likely to prosper. We’ve explored some of those who are starting to get the heath side just right…

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