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A Taste of Pasta

Pasta has become a staple part of our food culture. A fast food which is quick to make, it can be low

budget or high end, it can have a great food story attached with provenance or simply serve as a snack on

the go. Pasta will never go out of fashion but recently we have seen chefs opening new sites focusing on

this Italian staple.

There are possibly more Italian restaurants in the UK than any other form of cuisine, not even taking into

account the many thousands of chains offering Italian cuisine as part of their offer.

Our latest trend report shares what’s hot in the world of pasta, who the big hitters are and which operators are the ones to watch.

In addition we talk about Cricket flour (yes really!), the Italian American influence and how you can get creative with meat in your pasta.

It’s so much more than a simple lasagne!

If you’d like to read the full flyer just ask chef.

A Taste of Pasta
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