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(M)eating Out - Let's talk Foodhalls

We’ve long been fans of great street food, a fantastic way to see what’s happening in the fast casual dining world. A place for creative operators to test out new concepts at low risk, with high flexibility to truly understand what dish will win over hearts and pounds.

In our brand research we’ve seen how they’ve adopted the emerging flavour and cuisine trends, daring to try something different for open minded consumers.

And this is how trends start, with exciting and different ideas that get passed on through good old fashioned word of mouth (and Instagram tribes of followers!).

In this edition of (M)eating Out we’re talking about the rise of the foodhalls and why they’re hot right now. In this new format we’re also talking about exciting and emerging cuisines and flavours, and this time the focus is on Asian cuisine.

If you’d like to read the full flyer get in touch.

(M)eating Out - Let's talk Foodhalls
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